Loisaba Lodge

Loisaba Lodge is located at the edge of a cliff ignoring the Laikipia Plateau, the idyllic place to spend at least three days of your safari holiday in Kenya

Loisaba is a 61,000 acre privately owned ranch on the edge of Kenya’s Northern Territories.

One of the reasons it is a perfect location to check out on any in Kenya Safari is that the majority of the land is untamed African bush, and it has an exceptionally diverse quantity of game. As the land is independently owned there aren’t any video game park rules to conform to, which suggests the safari visitor can get truly close to wildlife in ways that would otherwise be impossible as compared to the restrictions Game Parks have the tendency to impose on visitors.

Loisaba Lodge has seven ensuite cottages each with their own terrace. It is centred on the old colonial house where the dining room, bar and a comfy lounge are situated. The lodge likewise has a pool, a tennis court, petanque, and an outstanding medical spa. Unlike most other lodges Loisaba has almost everything you have to enjoy your holiday, and not just the fundamental comforts of a safari camp in Kenya.

So why is Loisaba the ideal Kenya Safari Lodge for your In Kenya Safari?

It’s a charming lodge with a fantastic environment to relax in, being all inclusive/soft beverages, beer, and wines.

The video game viewing is almost unlimited, and the guides are among the best Safari Guides in Kenya.

Apart from standard and almost limitless video game viewing, video game drives, bush walks with an armed guide, and without forgetting the facilities at the Lodge itself, there are a large number of activities offered.

These consist of horse riding adventures, Camel travelling along the river, Quad cycling, sees to the working ranches, and also the local community town.

Also a remarkable function at Loisaba are the Koija & Kiboko Starbeds (ensuite) out on the ranch for visitors wishing to invest a night under the stars. Kiboko Starbeds are 20 minutes from the lodge and over look the dam; Koija Starbeds are 30 minutes far from the lodge and neglect the Ewaso Nyiro River. Each star bed is significantly developed, on a handmade wooden raised platform, and partly covered with a thatched roofing system.

Among Loisaba’s plusses is that it is only available by chartered light aircraft, and its inaccessibility suggests you will not see other safari vehicles on your game drives. This is another reason that stays of less than 3 days are not recommended.

Loisaba is home to elephant, lion, leopard, that can roam free and unhurried by people, without all the issues of the 21st century. There are the rarer types that flourish in this environment consisting of gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, and the reticulated giraffe. In addition the birdlife is many and varied.

This is actually an undiscovered paradise, to do as you desire, the ideal in Kenya Safari lodge.